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Paraiba valley

New Basilica of Aparecida do Norte

New Basilica of Aparecida do Norte.

Aparecida do Norte

Aparecida do Norte was born of a miracle, when in 1717 the fishermen Dominic Garcia, Felipe Pedroso and João Alves netted in the river Paraíba do Sul image of a Black Santa.

It was time for a little fishing, to serve a banquet to the governor of Minas Gerais and São Paulo, Pedro Miguel de Almeida, who passed through the village of Guaratingueta, the three fishermen cast their net into the River.

First, a netted body image, with no head, then to play again the network, the river took the head of the image, which fit perfectly to the body.


In 1980, still under construction, was consecrated by Pope John Paul II and received the title of Minor Basilica. In 1984, the National Conference of Bishops (CNBB) officially declared the Basilica of Aparecida, the National Shrine.

The basilica New account, basically, with four ships joining the cross, whose interserção stands the imposing dome. It has capacity to accommodate 45-70 thousand pilgrims.

Campos do Jordão Citty

Campos do Jordao is one of the fifteen counties considered by the state climate offices, which complied with the prerequisites set by state law.

This appointment ensures that these municipalities more money from the state to promote regional tourism. The council also acquires the right to add your name next to the title office climate, a term by which is designated by both the municipal official hours as the references state.

Campos do Jordao view of Mountains

Campos do Jordao view of Mountains.

Campos do Jordao is called the Brazilian Switzerland, mainly for its European-influenced architecture and its cold climate. So the city gets larger amount of tourists during the winter season, especially in July.

Founded on April 29, 1874, the city's main economic activity and tourism is a major winter destinations in Brazil.

View of the city of Cachoeira Paulista.

View of the city of Cachoeira Paulista.

Cachoeira Paulista Citty

Cachoeira Paulista is a Brazilian city of São Paulo, in the micro Guaratinguetá.

It also stands out for being the headquarters of the New Song Community (Roman Catholic community) founded by Monsignor Jonas Abib and fellows in 1972.

Today there is a large structure with two centers of events and church services (called "Corner of My Lord"), confession rooms, chapel of the holy sacrament, television, radio etc.. "Hosanna, Brazil" is a great community celebration held by the new song in mid-December, with masses, lectures, and concerts. The city is crowded with almost their hotels during the festival.