Hotel Frei Galvão em Guaratinguetá o primeiro santo brasileiro


The Hotel Frei Galvão


Hotel Frei Galvão in Guaratinguetá.


Fruit of the bold and enterprising spirit, was born in the 60s the idea of building a hotel in the city of Guaratinguetá to serve as the impetus for the tourists in the region, with the primary objective to provide comfort and well-being.

Thus was born the Hotel Friar Galvao, the most traditional hotel Guaratinguetá, which throughout its existence has helped build the history of our city, hosting several people who came to enjoy the charms of tourist Guaratinguetá.

Only one hotel that had as main objective to offer you a service that values the quality and excellence could satisfy many people who passed through here.

Situated in the best location in town, opposite the Cathedral of St. Anthony and around the home of Friar Galvao, and the Museum Frei Galvão and Shopping Guaratinguetá.

This is what the Hotel Friar Galvao is prepared to have the privilege to host it. We are waiting!